Saturday, July 27, 2013

desk cleaning & a project life video

Whenever I start to clean up my scrap desk I always seem to come across little paper treasures. Probably because my desk is one big pile of creative mess. This usually leads to finding a photo I wanted to scrap, but haven't, which leads to finding paper I forgot I had to finding bits and pieces that seem to work together and before I know it, a layout has practically came together on its own. This ever happen to you?
I need to glue some stuff down, add some sewing and journaling, but it literally came together within 10 minutes of me cleaning my desk. Which may mean I need to clean my desk more...but then I wouldn't have paper treasures to find now would I? ;)
It's funny that my last post was on procrastination and then here I have another photo that kinda goes along with the same thing. Hmmm. I'm sensing a trend.
It's saturday which means another project life video at Two Peas in a Bucket! I am up with today's video which includes adding an interactive element and combines lots of new basic grey and my beloved midnight edition kit. This is also the video that was shot with the crazy setup after my tripod died. I fought the tripod and I won. You can see the video here.
Happy weekend!


  1. Even if it's not finished yet, this will be a great layout !
    When I clean my desk, I put the little bits in my "everything and nothing box" and sometimes, I try to use (almost) only what is in this box to make some projects. I am always surprised by how it turns !

  2. I'm cleaning my desk today; maybe some inspiration will come to me as well. I'll try to check out your PL video.


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