Thursday, July 25, 2013

potato stamp procrastination

I am a procrastinator. On some things, not everything, which is weird. Maybe it's just because playing with pretty paper is just way more fun than cleaning toilets. (Am I right?)
In any case, at least my girl scout leader from long ago would be proud that, as a grown woman, her former scout is choosing to make potato stamps than, say, make the beds.
Way more fun.
I actually wanted the boys & I to make some stamps to go on our tipi. Thought I would play around with some on paper first. A fun way to make your own background. Potato+ink+paper. Boom.
Hope you're having a day that is way more fun, too.


  1. You are totally right - way more fun than cleaning toilets! :o) Hmmm . . . this post makes me think of other things I could stamp with. I may go home & play after work!

  2. I remember potato stamps! We do apple prints (but with a whole apple) with my class of toddlers every year!

  3. so cute! and a good reminder of something I need to do with the kids! :)


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