Wednesday, July 30, 2014

art books for homeschool

I mentioned yesterday I am in the throws of setting up our schoolroom and ordering curriculum for the coming year. One thing I don't have to think much on is the art portion. We all three love anything art or crafty related. I dug out a few of the books I've had for awhile, but never really had lots of extra time for, and then we added in three more. Will we get through all 5? No way. We will have fun trying? Absolutely :) I can't pick a favorite, but I was super pumped over the 50 cent nature craft book. It was a fun thrift store find.  It is divided into seasons and I think has some ideas we might want to try to create as Christmas gifts. And of course, there is my overflowing pinterest board of crafts. As my 6 year old little guy said, "can we just do craft school this year?" That boy...speaking my language.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

homeschool prep

Kinda the only thing organized right now for our homeschool room is this old tool caddy turned writing/coloring station. Yikes. I need to get on it! I did finish the last order of books and we have already started math. So that's a start at least.
I started a discussion on the Studio Calico board....a homeschool mama (or dad) roll call of sorts. Just a message board post to get to connect with other families who homeschool and hey--we already know we have scrapbooking in common. Join in the discussion, ask a question, etc. Let's encourage each other on our homeschool journey this year!

Monday, July 28, 2014

sandlot reveal

Sandlot reveal is here and it is a super fun month of goodies!
This is main kit only. I was inspired by the stamp for this one. Such a great jumping point to scrap what you want for your kiddos. Photobooth-like strips of the boys before church one day, lots of circles and movement here...A happy little mix of crazy.
This was a mix of everything, but mainly the Jet add on. I was inspired by an SC member and added the frames like a mad woman. I still have frames left over and I'll just frame everything from now on. My journaling didn't start out like that on the arrow stamps, but I liked how it ended up, abit unexpected. 
This was a last minute, scrap all the papers layout. I think the eclectic mix went along just fine with my thrift store topic. Can we just take a minute and gasp that his dress was 75 cents? CENTS! Score of the summer. Love those see through alphas. 
Several of the add ons are sold out, but this one is still available...
The Yeah Yeah add on (how amazing are those names?). Fun fun goodies in it, like the wood veneer titles, aqua alpha, brads, that exclusive "magic" die and the circle stamp set. Would be perfect to pair with the new mini book mini workshop class
Hope you are enjoying your Monday! We are off to grocery shop and continue with homeschool prep. Can't believe August is coming so soon!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

sandlot sneaks

I's almost time for the August kit reveal at Studio Calico! Sandlot debuts Sunday (noon for subbers. midnight for non-subbers) so I thought it was time for a few sneaks.
This is main kit only.
This is mainly the Jet add on (my fave add on this month).
And a mix of all the kits. This is a fun one and involves a 75 cent thrifted dress. Still pretty happy about that score.
Don't forget: There are several AWESOME offers going on right now at Studio Calico!
The new SC collection Brighton Pier is available and you can get free shipping on orders over $29.99. Use code BRIGHTONPIER. Find it here.
There are brand new Color Theory ink refills and acrylic paints (how adorable are those?) and you can save $5 on the bundle off the refills (use promo code REFILL5) or paint (use code ACRYLIC5). 
And kinda the best news of all...if you have been thinking of subscribing to either the scrapbook, card, or Project Life kit, now really is a great time. With a 12 month commitment you get your first month FREE. Like, really. For free. 
Offer expires in 2 days so get on it. Enter the code in the graphic above depending on what kit you are signing up for. Check out the current kits here
And with that, it is almost the weekend! *insert happy dance* I hear the pool calling my name ;) 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

let's organize together with Workspace!

If you follow me on instagram (lexibridges) you know this is not my desk. Or workspace. I'm what you might call organizationally challenged. Or just messy. Let's call it "creative chaos" to make myself feel better. In any case, I am super pumped for this class at Studio Calico!
Workspace is lead by friend Marcy and if you know her she is like the QUEEN of organization. I think even her planners have planners. Seriously--she's got it together. And she does it all in a cool way. The class is $15 and sign up ends July 31. There are 8 lessons (and bonus lessons) as well as a private message board, and several digital files to print to get your checklists checked and your labeling labeled and looking all organized & cute.
I need some other "creative chaos" people to join me in the classroom. We can hold each other's hand ;)
You can find more info about Workspace here.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

watercolor pineapples

It's the summer of the pineapple. I'm totally on board with that. In fact, one of my favorite local treats is Pineapple Whip. Not only did I feel the need to document one of my (many) summer trips to the pineapple whip trailer with the hula girl on top (her name is Lulu by the way), I also felt like I needed to include a pineapple element on my layout. So why not a watercolor pineapple background?
But what if you can't really watercolor? Or what if the only watercolor set you have is from the kiddie section? Then you can totally do this :)
I used Studio Calico's July Penny Arcade kit and white cardstock for this. Of course watercolor paper would work beautifully as well. Start by grabbing your watercolors or watercolor papers and making yellow ovals, ovals that the top is a bit skinner and the bottom is a bit bigger. Make sure you aren't laying the watercolor on too thick. That's the beauty of watercolor--the translucent effect.
Next, add on some green tops. On each pineapple, I added 2-3 small green lines with my brush. Any kind of watercolor brush will do.  I happen to love these kind. They have the water in the handle so you can squeeze it in your paint, without having to have a separate water container. Who ever invented that is a genius.
Once the pineapples were dry, I used a black pen to add in dots. At this point I thought maybe that was all I would do. Then I decided...those look a bit like lemons. I needed to add something more pineappley. Yes, that is a word I just made up.
After practicing a few sketches on scrap paper, I went with a random assortment. Half the pineapples got the "v" treatment, while the other half got a few diagonal lines. I could have kept it all the same, but couldn't decide which I liked better. So I just did both. Makes it a bit less uniform and more interesting. No two pineapples are alike anyway so why should they be in watercolor form?
And the result, a unique background for a layout about a summer treat. I'm already dreaming about other watercolor fruits. How fun would this technique be on a card?
And with that, I need to make another Pineapple Whip run :)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

color blocking with washi tape

Color blocking is very on trend. You see it everywhere....on a purse, a flower pot, a dress. Today I'm sharing a super easy way to color block an otherwise plain alpha. The trick: washi tape.
I love using wood veneer embellishments on my scrapbooks. I am happy to leave a wood veneer alphabet, like the one in Studio Calico's July's kit, Penny Arcade, as is (like here for example) but I also thought..let's color block a title! 
Simply take a piece of wash tape and tape down your letter. True washi tape works best as it is easy to remove. You can do all the letters at once, as long as the word isn't too large. Since my word was only five letters long, I liked lining it all at once so I knew I had the same amount blocked off on each letter. However, you could totally change that up, having the tape not lined up the same on each letter, and the result would be each letter have a different sized paint section. Kinda cool.
Once your tape is down, make sure and press the edge. This is what will make the paint edge crisp.
Paint your section in the color you want. This chalkboard paint would be cool.  Remove the washi tape. I removed while it was still wet and it peeled right off.
A quick and easy way to add some color to a plain embellishment!
There you have it---a clean color blocked title! This same technique also works great on a larger scale. I recently used large paper mache letters for a baby shower, color blocked them with washi tape and paint, and then used them as the table centerpiece. 
So many ways you could change this up and so many items that you can color block. Bust out the wash tape and paint and get to it!