Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy new year!
Today on the Studio Calico blog, some creative team members shared resolutions of the crafty variety. While I have several things I hope to change/improve upon in the new year, it is fun to think of those that pertain to crafting. For me, I really want to keep this space less cluttered, simplified and more inspiring. I think the first two will take care of the last one.
I want to update this blog. Esthetically, it isn't what I wish it was and I want to change that in the new year. I also hope to take my camera out more often. I've become an iphone photo only kind of person and while that is perfectly fine, I'm never going to learn how to use my dslr if it just sits on my desk.
I took a weaving class several months ago and loved it. I also miss rug hooking, fiber arts in general really. I want to find, no MAKE,  the time to do more of that this year.
And as far as scrapbooking goes, I want to experiment more. I love trying new things. I love stretching the comfort zone and learning. The new february class at Studio Calico with Kal Barteski will be a fab way to start. Life | Scripted all about learning the ins and outs of using brush script with your own handwriting. I'm not a fan of my own handwriting so this will definitely be a way to jump in the new year, stretching my comfort zone with scrapbooking. Can't wait to learn and incorporate some of this in my future projects. You can read more about the class, watch a video and sign up here. Bonus: if you order your supplies before Jan 7, they will ship free. Sign up ends the end of this month.
Enjoy your first day of 2014.

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  1. LEXI! Allow me to introduce myself...Hi. I'm Michelle. Katie Day told me about you the other day as another fun creative mom that we should get to know PRONTO who lives around our parts. Lets make it happen.


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