Thursday, January 10, 2013

it's been a week

You know the kind I am talking about, right? Yep. One of THOSE weeks. Sigh.
But on the bright side....
My scrap/homeschool room is coming along nicely and we might even get to install flooring this weekend. (I should add that installing anything is not something I have ever done so when I estimate it will take a few days...umm...maybe all next week is more like it.) Once floors are in the great scrap purge of 2013 can commence. I refuse to move it to that room if I don't absolutely love it or have a specific purpose for it.
I have a simple, homespun-ish valentine tutorial up on the October Afternoon blog today using the non-valentine line, Farm Girl.  Would work good for a teacher or co-worker I think.
I finished my first Project Life video for Two Peas and it will go up on Saturday! If you take a drink every time I say "Ummmm" it will make the video a lot more fun to watch. (Not that you should take a drink. Just an observation.) I'll also be over on the Two Peas general scrappin' board co-hosting a CHA chat with my pal, Marcy, that day if you want to join in. Should be fun.
Today as you read this I am probably at the hospital. See..I told you it had been a week. My sweet seven year old little guy is having surgery. If you could say a prayer for him we would certainly appreciate it.

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