Tuesday, January 1, 2013

a new year

January 1 always has a nice, fresh feel to it. New possibilities. New chances. New ideas. And if you are a fan of Two Peas in a Bucket...
...new additions to the design team & a new line up of free video class 6 days a week.
Yes, videos.
Yes, 6 days a week.
And did I mention free?
You can read the descriptions of all the classes on the Two Peas blog. It's a great time to take a fresh start as a scrapbooker and capture those memories of the upcoming year. If you happen to be starting or thinking about starting Project Life, I'll be contributing a video to that class series once a month.
I'm a pretty honest scrapper. I think if you've read about my projects before you'll know that I gladly share I make mistakes on every layout. Seriously. Every. One.
I am also honest that I am quite possibly the world's messiest scrapper. My instagram feed can attest to that. It's just how I am. I try my best to keep it real ;)
So I'll go ahead and confess..
I am super nervous about doing a video.
Super excited and super nervous. That's a good combo, right?
It's going to be a great year. You know how I know? It started with impromtu-Avett Brothers-p.j.-blurry photo-dancing.
Those are the kind of everyday, imperfectly photographed, memories I want to remember. That's what Project Life is perfect for, even if my videos aren't.
Looking forward to sharing the new year with you.
Happy 2013 to you & yours.

P.S. The winer of the Elle's Studio number it stamp set is Robin. Congrats! I'll be getting in touch with you.


  1. love the messy workspace - i posted a similar pic. my space is almost always immaculate, except when i'm actually making things. ;)

  2. Agreed! I started off the year dancing with my boys. Looking foward to your inspiration for Project Life. I'm a newbie.

  3. making videos are fun...just practice a bit first to get use to it...i'll be looking forward to the new videos over at 2peas

  4. You make beautiful pages from that messy space so I say don't mess with success!


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