Thursday, December 27, 2012

random on a thursday

Did you have yourself a merry little Christmas?
Christmas came and went and was wonderful. We had a laid-back, stay in your p.j.s all day kind of day. The best in my opinion. I'm not ready to put the decorations away so I'm thinking those will stay out until the new year.

And of course with the beginning of the new year I start thinking about change. Things I want to do. Things I want to do differently. I don't call them resolutions...because doing so usually sets myself up for failure. There is a whole list that I should probably start categorizing! Mine would have health, spiritual, personal, organizing and scrapbooking sections. What categories would your list have?

Part of that scrapbooking/organizing section would include this
Sigh. Are you kidding me? No. Unfortunately I'm not. I had to unearth my desk so I could get started on CHA projects...which meant I shoved it all in a box to deal with later :) My plan/hope/dream in the new year, which includes a new scrap space, is to only take from my current scrap room things that have a purpose and a place. It's a nice thought ;)  I'm going to work on getting a little project life section organized. Start small, right? Last year I thought I would start that project, but I wasn't really into it from the beginning. This time I'm really excited to give it a go! It helps to have some fun supplies waiting to be used and the ability to wirelessly print from my iPhone (loving that selphy 900 printer!). Totally think that will help.

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