Friday, September 21, 2012

yay for actions

I confess: I am probably the last person on earth, at least the last scrapbooker on earth, to have actions installed and know how to use them.

Not anymore. Yay!

I've had Pioneer Woman's actions for PSE downloaded on my mac for at least a year. Just sitting there in a folder, mocking me. I read this last night in one of my many searches..."Many people think that learning how to use PSE is easier than installing actions". 
I decided last night was the night. Of course, that's two hours of my life I will never get back, but they are installed and I am a happy girl :) 
Such a difference! Right off the bat my favorite action is "seventies". A little tweak in the opacity and it just makes the photo so much better. For so long I have only been printing off photos to use in scrapbooking, not really to frame and display in our home.  I can already tell something so simple as adding a photo effect will have me wanting to print more pictures. Who knew?

I think I would really love Totally Rad actions. The only problem is I would have to get a new version of PSE and they aren't free. I do have a birthday coming up though...hmm...

Have you been using actions forever and I really am the last soul on earth? Do you have any favorite actions to share?

Happy Friday to you! Our fun plans for the weekend involve a whole lotta nothing...just the way we like it :) If you happen to be cruising blogs tomorrow, stop back here. The garden girls will be blog hopping!

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  1. PW has 2 sets :)
    also I use Totally rad & Florabella from my photog days.
    did you know there are actions that mimic IG processing, too?!
    have fun action-izing your photos!! ;)


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