Friday, September 23, 2011

brought to you by the letter "o"

1. October Afternoon has fabric now. Say what?! Yes, it's true. Some of the design team girls whipped up projects to showcase it on the blog this past wednesday. I made a fun little pincushion.

The fabric line is currently from the Farm Fresh collection, with Fly a Kite line coming. I am a sewing wannabe. Think I just need to stick with using that machine only on paper. But still, it's fun pretending I know what I'm doing ;)

2. Ombre. Combined some new sprinkler colors (miss mary mack & treehouse) from October Afternoon's Sidewalks line & this super awesome stencil by Balzer Designs for The Crafter's Workshop

to try and create an ombre effect. I am not really an ombre fan when it comes to fashion, but digging the look on paper.

2. Ormolu. Got some goodies from here today. Super fun stuff. Thinking of combining these into a december daily

and these into a project life album...

..if ever I start :)

Thank you letter "o" for the sponsor of today's post. EnjOy yOur Friday!


  1. the letter 'O'. Your pin cushion turned out adorable!

  2. The ombre looks cool. Lovin the pin cushion! And I love the Ormulu tin buttons

  3. I'm such a sewing wanna-be too! I totally had to watch the video that came with my machine just to figure out how to thread the stinkin needle. Ha!

    Love all the inspo as usual. You know I think you ROCK. :0)


  4. Very fun stuff! Love the fabric from OA!!

  5. Cute pin cushion Lex! Didn't even know that triangular pattern was called "ombre."
    (Thanks for teaching me something new today!)

  6. yay for ormolu! :)
    (and ombre is the color change not the pattern, right? i only recently learned about that...i'm so behind!)


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