Monday, September 19, 2011

For real

Trying to keep it real around here...which is that I *think* we are finally in a school/preschool/errand-running/busy routine. Took a few weeks, but I think we have arrived. Something else that has arrived.....FALL!

And we really couldn't be more excited. We have already busted out some homemade caramel apples. My favorite time of year for sure.
I have a few scrapbooking items to share...on the Crate Paper blog last week I had a fun little ode to candy cane joe-joe's layout:

The candies we made using the Silhouette. The design was actually 3 lollipops so I just deleted the sticks and bows that were on them and used them as peppermints. The swirl part was pop dotted over the negative circle image. Makes me excited for when those are available again. Only 96 days until Christmas people. It's never too early ;)
On the May Arts blog I shared some ribbon rockets, inspiration coming from pinterest.

My space loving son was excited to see a rocket paired with his astronaut pictures.  I was happy to use some of the cardboard paper tubes I seem to accumulate. You can check that tutorial out HERE.
And today on the October Afternoon blog, an envelope challenge. Do you use envelopes on layouts often? How about on cards?

Ever used the security lining of an envelope before? Some have great patterns to punch out :)

The full post can be found on the OA blog today.
Enjoy your Monday! It is a laundry folding, dishes putting away kind of day around here...but I have a sewing project (gasp! using actual fabric!) to work on tonight. Will show that soon :)


  1. This post makes me HUNGRY. Peppermint cookies and caramel apples all at once. Too yummy.

  2. Wow Lexi! Just WOW! Your stuff is just awesome!

  3. Great project, Lexi! The rocket was a perfect addition with your wall art!

  4. You've been busy!! Off to visit the OA blog - love the peeks.

  5. Great project Lexi! And I'm excited fall is here too-makes me giddy!

  6. Finally! You posted! :)
    Love your latest and greatest creations friend!
    I am finally in the fall spirit because fall means, to me, more scrapping timewith my sistas!! Can't wait!

  7. Will definitely try the paper roll rockets! What a great idea. And thanks for the reminder that Christmas is soon approaching :-)

  8. Just followed the link on the OA blog after seeing your button punch. If you get the time or if anyone who is reading this knows ...where or where can I find one of those??!!

    Love your blog and all your projects! I'm going to browse around some more and have a better looksie! :)


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