Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sprinkler tags

Making a color comparison for my October Afternoon sprinklers was long overdue. I kept finding myself spraying on scraps of paper each time I wanted to see how a color would look--how wasteful! I found some lonely white shipping tags and decided that combined with some labels, stitching and a jumpring they would make a perfect comparison chart to keep handy.
I just love seeing all those pretty colors laid out :)
I took some individual shots so you could see the way the colors differed too.

Here is the red/pink group. Hopscotch is a new color releasing with the Sidewalks collection. Strawberry Cream is more peachy pink, as you can see.
I will admit, I don't use these colors AS much, for a few reasons...

1. When I see red mist on a layout I automatically think blood. Even if it totally fits the theme of the layout, even if it's for Christmas or Valentine's..I see blood! I do like the color of Red Wagon, especially because it isn't so bright and is not a deep red. I use it mostly for covering chipboard shapes.

2. I have 2 sons. I don't use pink a whole lot in general, regardless if it is paper or embellishments or whatever.. NOW I do LIKE pink, and have used it on "boy" projects, but I definitely do not use them as much as the blue/green colors.

These colors, I use LOTS! I think Lemon Drop is  a soft, creamy yellow..if that makes sense. Brown Bag is pretty much a kraft color. It may seem silly to spray Paper Doily white ink on a white tag, but I had to do it! Looking at the bottle it is hard to see what Buttermilk will look like, but compared to the white here it gives you a great clue...almost like an antique white. Love it. If I were new to misting and wanted to start with some basic colors, I would start here. You pretty much can't go wrong using these colors on any project. (If you purchase the Art Box set you get the 3 colors on the right, and Tin Type below. I know I broke them up, but needed the grey below for comparison to the blues :))

A VERY much used section of my misting colors! Tin Type is the perfect grey. I might have used this color more than any other. By the looks of my bottle that is a good assumption. Looking at the labels on the bottles it seemed like Frequent Flyer and Robot Blue were almost the same, but when you have them side by side you can see, not so much. Frequent Flyer is more of a greyish-blue. Miss Mary Mack (don't you love these names?) on the far right side is my newest fav. It is a pretty aqua color from the newly released Sidewalks collection.

When I looked at Night Sky and Set Sail in the bottle I honestly thought they were pretty much the same. But again, you can tell they are very much NOT the same at all. (SO glad I went ahead spraying these tags for reference!) Set Sail is more royal blue and Night Sky more denim. Comet Tail, oh my love for the color orange. This is one of my most used too, then again I love orange :) I find that people seem to love that color or hate it, much like purple. (For the record, not a purple fan.)

Finally a few greens. Treehouse is a new color from Sidewalks. It's an olive green, which I love. I think it will look pretty on some fall layouts. All Aboard is a green that can work for Christmas and spring and everything in between. A good, basic green to have on hand.

So there you have it! All 16 Sprinkler colors with a bit of explanation. Why have I not done this sooner? I love having the bigger swatches of color as a reference and all together so I could just throw them in my bag for a weekend crop or whatever. For now I have them hanging by my sewing thread since misting and sewing seem to go hand in hand when I scrap :)

I already have the labels typed up for the new Farmhouse collection (I played with the colors at CHA--SO pretty!) and tags waiting. Sasparilla has colors to be released as well. Fun Stuff! If you have any questions about the sprinklers or colors, just ask!

Enjoy your Sunday! We are planning on worshiping & serving (church & special needs sunday school), eating (smoked ribs---my husband makes THE BEST) and watching (the Packers beat the Bears)-hee hee!


  1. Next trip into town i'll be starting my collection! Love the swatches and analysis. :)

  2. This has been on my "to-do" list for like two weeks now. I will get to it!!!! (If I keep telling myself that, perhaps I'll actually make time to do it!)

  3. yay! Love the colors! Have been adding to my swatch board as I collect them! :) TFS Lex!

  4. oh, and GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!!! GET DEM BEARS!! ;)

  5. great post lexi! i love all of these colors-- and i have to admit i feel the same thing about red/mist and blood! ha! and was re-reminded when i just red misted a layout yesterday! :) hahaha have a lovely sunday!

  6. thanks girl! i must get a few of these :)

  7. I so need to do this!

  8. Thanks alot for the tip, I'm designing for my LSS and I've posted your tip on their blog here:

    I love Sprinklers!


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