Wednesday, March 2, 2011

DIY eclectic bib necklace

So I have a thing with necklaces. I like 2 types:

Today we go with option #2 ;)

I had SO MUCH fun making this necklace and honestly it didn't take very long. Eclectic/Anrtho-esque in my opinion...just the way I like it. I have a little pile of vintage yummies...old earrings, cool buttons, a clip from a shoe (for real) that I have been hoarding for just the right project. This time I was able to put them on a necklace, along with beautiful May Arts ribbon, and create something I have already worn several times. It's quite the conversation starter ;D

Check out the May Arts blog today for a full tutorial on how I made it and how to make your own. And don't forget..May Arts is having a Design Team Call.  Info can be found on their blog.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. So you Lexi! Beautifully done! (I'm sure Rory will love it even more than your fancy schmancy one that you bought last year. I know you know the one I'm talking about!) ;)

  2. Beautifully eclectic. I love your style.

  3. really really cool statement necklace! very anthro-like and something they would totally sell (coming from an ex-women's accessories visual merchandiser for them)! is that a handle on there... amazing. great job!

  4. Pretty!! My SIL loves this kind of stuff (I'm a pretty simple jewelry kind of gal...if I even remember to put it on at all.) She shops at Anthro and it totally looks like the pretty things she wears.

  5. like woah! this is so fun lexi :) you should open up an etsy store girl!


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