Monday, February 28, 2011

one organized shelf

Slowly, ever so slowly, with small bits of time here and there, I am purging and organizing my craft space. At this rate it should all be accomplished by the time the boys go to high school! At least I have a goal, right? ;)
I have a ridiculous amount of scrapping stuff to sell. The more I scrap and craft the more I know my style--what I will use, what I have TIME to use!, so the rest has to go. I plan to sell it this spring at a scrap/antique sale if you are in the area.
Anyway, I do have one little shelf organized to show for it all! Here is a little shelf that I picked up for $4 at a local thrift place. It holds my stamps and ZING collection...gotta bust that stuff out more often!

Below it is an old, as in square nail old, bucket bench. I like having vintage/antique furniture in my scrap space. Serves a purpose and looks interesting.

The space on the bottom holds a fabric bin from Target with all my Thickers and other alphas. Beside it is Studio Calico kits.
The second shelf might be my favorite. It holds embellishments, which are like sprinkles on a cupcake to me :)

This is the Sassafras box. I don't organize everything by manufacturer, but if I have enough of somethings it helps me to keep it all grouped together. A keep a small bowl inside it for any loose brads or stickers.

Beside it is a bling/sparkle button box.

And then a brad box. I really love brads...I think it shows ;D

The top shelf has two more bins where I keep most of my punches.

I tend to use things more when I see them so having them ready to just grab works for me. They may not necessarily be organized in the box, but they are contained ;) The rest of the punches are in an over the door shoe organizer.

I had just a few inches of space beside the punch boxes and didn't want to waste it so I used 3 cropper hopper organizers: one for printed pics ready to scrap, one for sticker alphas and one for 12x12 sticker sheets.

I have a few pics of the desk where I scrap, think old ;) , that I will try and show later this week. I really do love having a more organized area, even if it does look disastrous after I am done playing with paper and even if it will take me a lot longer to get it all organized! Still makes me happy :) Something else that makes me happy---
Last week over on the May Arts blog we had a blog swap week with Graphic 45. I created a little inspiration jar--

More details and pics can be found HERE :)
I love looking at other's creative spaces--do you? If you have some pics link me up! I would LOVE to see! HAPPY monday to you!! We are recovering from a birthday party weekend and a new 3 yr old with a cold :(


  1. I had a nice long comment typed out, and then it went away! So....
    love the space... long story short!

  2. Lex, your space is looking sooooo good! We need to scrap soon! Overdue for some Sista fun!

  3. Very nice! I don't scrapbook but can you come organize other areas of my house???? Fun to see you Fri eve and hope the little man feels better SOON!

  4. Love your space! Someday, I'll take pictures and do a blog post of mine.

  5. Great job on getting organized. I'm wishy washy. Once I think I am organized I feel the need to re-do everything. Therefore, I am never done. I love all your bins and that everything is within grasp.

  6. Love seeing all your organization! I have SO much stuff...I keep trying to get it all organized, but it just doesn't work very well!

  7. i love your bins - that's my sort of organization!

  8. Moving along very well, I think!

  9. Love it Lexi! It looks fantastic!

  10. I'm so jealous! I don't have a scrap space just a cupboard and dining table where I desparately try and squash it all in! We're hoping to move soon though and the new house will definitely have a little room just for me. :)


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