Wednesday, March 9, 2011

accidental reversed applique

So if we are friends on Facebook, (and if not friend me!), you saw a little over a week ago that while working on a birthday shirt for my littlest I reversed applique. On accident. My head was saying "do what you did last year...cut the number out of cute fabric and stitch it on."
But my hands were in la la land and started cutting the number 3 out of the shirt. Out of the jersey knit shirt which I had not backed with anything to make is stiff and therefore more easy to sew.
And of course I was doing this about 30 minutes before I needed it done. That always helps ;)
Here's what went down:
I cut a number 3 out with my Slice just as a guide to go by...I wanted the number on the shirt bigger.

It really wasn't until I was done cutting the number out that I realized what I had done! Seriously, it took that long. But in the style of Tim Gunn.."Make it work."

So I did.
Crazy pin placement. Can you tell I am no professional? ;)
A little sewing around the edges combined with some hand stitching.

The best photo of the birthday boy I could get in the dimly lit fire station. Once the weather turns nice I plan to get a few better ones.
He really loves his tongue.

It actually turned out cuter than I thought it would. And would you believe I have washed this shirt a few times and it is still together?! I am shocked ;D

 It is dreary and the boys strep seems to have turned into a viral thing for me :( But spring is just around the corner so I am hopeful! Happy Wednesday friends!


  1. T-shirt totally turned out fab Lex! You'd make TG proud! ;-)
    Ethan is feeling fine, on AB's and went to his ALERT class. Ian is home again from school today and feels yucky! Crazy how different they respond to illness, isn't it? Sorry you have to ride out the viral gig! Hoping you feel better soon!

  2. It turned out cute! Love happy accidents!

  3. The shirt turned out great!!! This has been on my to do list FOR-EVAH!

  4. Way to save the shirt!!
    Very cute :)

  5. That is adorable!! YOu work very well under pressure!

  6. very cute!!! total happy accident.

    feel better soon. =)

  7. This is super cute! My little boy turns 3 on Saturday and I think I will have to whip one of these up!


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