Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas spirit

Have you had your seasonal dose of Christmas spirit?

I've had several.

One of which might as well have been wrapped in paper and tied with a big bow...because it is the best gift I will receive this year.

We went out to eat and look at Christmas lights.

And in the distance heard a train.

A Polar Express train to be exact.

And with that we revealed the surprise, changed the boys into new Christmas p.j.'s and climbed aboard.

A ride FILLED with Christmas magic.

Tickets please, tickets.

All the sugar cookies and hot chocolate you could ever want.

We read the book. Listened to the music. Sang carols.

One of the funniest parts of the ride was when we passed santa's toy shop. The elves were taking a break and doing jumps, cartwheels and handstands. Aven turned to us and said,"They need to get back to work!"

Cracked up the whole cart.

We drove thru a beautiful display of Christmas lights...and then...the grand finale.

The big man.

The first gifts of Christmas were passed out.

And then repeatedly thrown to the ground by this little guy.

We stepped off the train with bellies full of cocoa and cookies and hearts filled with Christmas excitement....and then...

..it started to snow.


It was fake snow.

But to them it was as real as...well...the ride they had just taken to the North Pole.

And as far as I'm concerned...that's as real as it gets. :)


  1. Lex,
    What a magical night of memories for your whole family! Wish my boys were a bit younger to enjoy the "magic" of it all! Sigh. Anyhoo, Ali E. took her son last year and documented it in her 2008 DD. You may want to check it out(if you haven't already or maybe you remember seeing it on her posts from last year?)

  2. So happy to see you taking a break to enjoy time with the boys and Rory. What a fun time for all and the pictures are incredible! Will you give me some pointers? Were those on manual or the green box? Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I hope that you have a blast! Miss you.

  3. OMG that looks like so much fun, we called to get the details when we were there recently! We decided to wait until they were a yr older to enjoy more....Avens comment was a hoot. Jammies such a fun spice for the real effect, and snow afterwards...Oh goodness sakes alive!! Loved seeing the tags my new swank slice machine can make, how do you get type font on them? Im such a newbie still. xoxoxoox amyb


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