Friday, December 4, 2009


Here's a little bonus for you.

In Freehand Scraps December kit is a great piece of plaid patterned paper by October Afternoon. It's not actually from a Christmas line, but I thought it could work for gift tags just fine :)

I used my Slice and cut tags from kraft paper and then cut several different icons using the Fa La La design card. I planned on making just one tag. hee hee! I made 9! Couldn't stop--they were so fun!

Typed some sentiments after I used Maya Road Mist in metallic emerald and then put them together with a few embellishments from my stash.

I love how they all look together.

It won't be hard to give these tags away, especially since I plan to only attach them to presents of friends I know will appreciate the effort! :D I found some black and white houndstooth wrapping paper that I think will match lovely.

Speaking of matching....
how cute are these two?

I thought they went well with the Christmas plaid tags I had going on ;)


  1. AAAAHHHH!!! Paxton in that hat!! Adorable!

    And those tags? You are mighty far ahead of the game this year, aren't you!

    Very nice.

  2. extra super cute, you are the slice master.

  3. Lex, The boys look so adorable in their matching shirts!!

    Sigh...gone are the days when I can get my boys to wear the same shirts. (I am hopeful though-and did buy two matching shirts-just in case they are up for it this year-LOL).
    I'm a workin' on my tags this weekend-along with my DD. It's been fun to put together.

  4. I shared them over on my blog Lexi! And I linked them back here so they can see how cute the others you made are!! Thanks for sharing these with us...Sams right you are the Slice master!!


  5. Your stuff is great! You don't know me I am just one of your fans in the blog world. Have you ever struggled with your Slice cutting 'wonky'? I have one and that is what it does. I really want to take your great idea and do something similar, but without my Slice working properly I can't.

  6. those are too cute! I love making my own tags as well. my family looks forward to seeing them.
    happy friday :)

  7. How cute!! Love your tags :) Congrats on your OA spotlight!


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