Monday, November 2, 2009

A time to "Gather"

First off..."AArrRGGgGHhhh Mateys! Me hopes ye had a frightfully fun Halloween, ya scalleywag!"

And now to time to "Gather". This kit knocked my mismatched socks right off! The buzz between designers was it's the most favorite yet and I have to agree. In fact, there *might* be a rumor floating around that I could marry this kit I love it so...*might* ;)

On to the good stuff.

Paxton's first treat: a sucker from Cookie Cutters. He ate every last sticky bite and loved it! --Although my mom claims he has had a sucker before on her watch. I guess that's what Grandma's are for ;)

Loved clustering all the embellies and paper here and as you can tell I am LOVING my new camera--those instant pics are too fun! The smiling alligator was a great touch--he already comes stitched.

I used a piece of Buzz and Bloom chipboard I already had as a mask for the mist and then sewed around it it orange--the color of the sucker :)

Glad to actually get a birthday layout done! Would you believe that I have NEVER scrapped a birthday or holiday before this one? Aven is all about super heros and that was the theme of his party a few weeks ago. The lighting at the party combined with super busy 4 year olds did not lend itself to great pictures, but he loved every minute of it and the few I got were priceless.

I realized after I finished that I didn't really leave room for journaling. Sure there was some white space that could be used or I could have wrote on the edge of the cardstock, but I felt it was busy enough sooo...

behind the clouds it goes! I've never made an "interactive" element to a page but loved doing this. And those SAWEET chipboard and cord clouds?? From Buzz and Bloom, an Australian based company and they are SUPER hard to find here in the States my friend. So if you want a chance at them this is the kit to get!

I used this title on a post awhile back and it's also the theme song on the Noggin channel for the season. I couldn't help but use it here after seeing Aven in the leaves. We have PILES AND PILES of leaves here and although most have fallen by now, a few weeks ago when I would look out leaves would falling so softly so I tried to mimic that with the leaves I cut out using the Slice.

I used the leaves as a mask before attaching and also pop-dotted a few to stand out.

Saw this twig in my craft room (yes, I had a twig in my craft room!) and decided it would be perfect to have the title falling from :)

Such an easy peasy project. Grabbed an old book and ripped off the cover. The clouds were the inspiration to find a quote I loved and wanted to display. I took the negative piece of the chipboard from the Buzz and Bloom clouds to paint with and then added the chipboard and cord clouds on top.

Used some fishing line (also found in my craft room! There could be anything in here I tell you!!) and hand-cut some raindrops to hang from the bottom. I can definitely see myself making these hanging covers for holidays and baby's rooms..all sorts of ideas :)

So there you have it. The SUPER AWESOME November kit from Freehand Scraps! Definitely take time to check out the AHhMAZInG gallery this month! All the designers are so talented and the guest was pure INSPIRATION!



  2. Okay , Lexi, I loved your gallery this month and i am glad you went through the detail on you r blog. some things that I love so your clouds blend in with the the scalloped crate paper and the expert stitching around the mod shape on the sucker page and the way you used the chip trash to make more clouds and the use of FISHING LINE in a scrappy project! Now WHERE IS THE PAN COSTUME?

  3. Lex,
    This stuff you SO ROCKS!!!!!! And your Lil' Cap'n Hook is so sweet and arggedy barggedy! (Pirate for swashbucklin' cute!)

    BTW-I concur with Samantha, WHERE or WHERE IS THE PAN COSTUME? ;)

  4. Lexi, Your gallery was super this month right down to the last stitch. I loved the wall hanging and cannot believe it was easy peasy, but WOW! I loved it all and have perused your gallery several times since it went live. Very inspiring. Love the falling for Fall layout so much. what cute boys you have:)

    Holly Stork

  5. Just when I think you can't get any more amazing...

  6. Lexi I just LOVE your creations...that wall hanging is simply adorable!

    I want to also thank you for the well wishes, it means alot ♥

  7. Hey Lexi!
    I loved your beautiful fun and funky gallery this month! GRRReat job! Thanks for posting your projects here too so we can get the inside scoop on your creations! I love the details!


  8. The ideas never seem to end with you. You are a walking light bulb I believe! So adorable are them little mini's of you and Rory. Cutest little family ever. When do you EVER sleep?

  9. I'm loving your spray mist skills! :)


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