Thursday, November 5, 2009

Special Delivery

I get excited about mail.

Particularly mail that comes in a box.
But sometimes that excitement rises to a whole new level.
Especially when that box contains this...

Yep. I now love doing laundry. Unfortunately I didn't get the machine that actually folds the clothes and puts them away, but I am able to wash 20+ towels in one load so I guess that makes up for it ;)

And I swear my floor isn't crooked ;)

My picture taking skills, however, are.

A simple fall layout using some buzz and bloom chipboard I cut apart to create "leaves".

Misted the shapes first and then zig zag stitched with different colors to create more falling leaves. Simple and fun.

When I showed Rory he said, "oh cool. I see the little footballs."

Those would be leaves.

But we do love football around here and it is fall so I will let it slide. **If you do this project maybe try a straight stitch instead for the leaf middle, to avoid any football confusion ;)

A fall themed altered book cover (yes I am addicted!) coming tomorrow.


  1. Lexi,

    That layout is a-d-o-r-a-ble! You sooo make me want to drop everything and get crafty. Oh wait...except for the fact that I'm holding a cup of hot spiced apple cider in my hands! ;)
    Tell Rory I think that you subconsciously made the leaves resemble footballs for the Brett Favre/Packer Football loving fans we all are! (And yes, I AM in denial that he no longer plays for them)!

  2. Wow that layout is so cute! And what wonderful Happy Mail....20+ towels....I am so jealous I wish my washer and dryer could wash that many at once! I really need a new set! I left something for you over on my blog :)

  3. Congrats on the new washer and dryer. The appliance department is one of my favorites to browse.

  4. golly, those are a beautiful pair.
    i like the lil footballs too

  5. Footballs? Footballs!!

    'Bout time you got yourself a new washing machine!! I know what you mean about loving laundry now. I've been in love, too, since mine arrived this summer. And as the Lowe's delivery man exited with the old machine in tow, Lilly repeatedly reprimanded him, saying, "That MAMA'S!!"

    Notice she didn't say, "That DADDY'S" or "That IAN's" or "That MINE!"

    I noticed. But anywho.

    Wait, is that my washer cycle finishing? Gotta go...

  6. love your leaves on your layout and those are some rocking new machines. I bet they make washing a lot more fun! :) xo


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