Tuesday, October 27, 2009

friends of the feathered variety

Had a few friends follow me home from the thrift store today.

Is it just me or are 2 of the owls rolling their eyes?? Hmm...

And promised sneaky peeks:

Full reveal November 1st! Looks like HollySamantha and Heidi have a few sneaks too.
Halloween is fast approaching. Do I still have time to make a costume?! Ack!!


  1. Yes!! Those owls doooo look like they are rolling their eyes! So funny. Love the sneak peeks...thanks SO much for sharing them here!!


  2. I found you from Heidi's site......I'll definitely be checkin your blog out...love your pages and your sense of humor!!!!

  3. Lex,
    You know I'm lovin' the owls! Just this past Sunday I went through a treasure trove of my Gma's little trinkets and my great grandfather's srapbooks.(I was beyond excited and spent several hours pouring over each page). I'll try to post a few pics on my blog of my little collection that is growing.
    Take care you. Here's hoping your boys don't get the "ick" like my boys have!

    BTW-Can't wait for the reveal!

  4. Lexi---you are too funny. I love your sneaks and I may have loved this kit just as much as you did--he he! I cannot wait for the 1st to be inspired by all of you talented ladies. :)

  5. They are definitely rolling the eyes!!! ha!

    Love the sneeks. Those red sparkle letters are catching my eye. Can't wait to see the full reveal.

    Ian's the "ultimate superhero" for Halloween. Something about a Superman cape, Spidey mask, Captain America suit, and Darth Vader mixed in somewhere. Sad thing is, we already have all that stuff!

  6. You must have a love of owls just like mine, I find them and bring them home all the time, I even have an owl tattoo, and yes they do look like they are rolling thier eyes. Great sneak, I love that alligator he looks awesome.

  7. LOVE the owls...hoot hoot...or is it who who? Roman saw Milo and Otis this week and is all into screech owls now;-) whats your fave thrift store? xo


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