Thursday, November 19, 2009


I'm telling you this month is nothing but craziness! I can't even believe Thanksgiving is in one week, not to mention my 30th birthday this saturday--YIKES!!!!! Monday we will be 10 weeks into a kitchen/downstairs remodel and I am SO DONE :) Doing dishes in the bath tub has lost it's appeal ;)

So no photos to share today. They would just be blurs of craziness anyway ;D


I have received my December Freehand Scraps kit...and my oh my is it pretty! Plan to play with it this weekend.

Aven has his first art/music show tonight at church with his preschool class and can hardly contain himself. Juicing up the cameras at the moment.

And 1 more thing...

I have some exciting news to tell you...

tomorrow ;)

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  1. KNOW I won't be able to sleep tonight wondering about the news!!! (---although I think I have an idea or two). ;)


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