Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Going "Granny"

Forget going green.

I'm going granny.

*I mean, go green too, ya know :)

"Granny Chic" is becoming increasingly popular...and if filling a room full of crocheted goodies defines that...

I'm in.

Or would be in if I knew how to crochet. That was one of last years resolutions...hmm...I still have a few months to learn, right?

In any case I pulled off my own look with a scrap page.

Fabulous paper designed by this talented girl.
I used this weeks sketch from Sketchy Thursdays as my jumping point. Lots of white space, spray ink and clusters--yum!

Anyone else digging the granny look?


  1. Who doesn't love Granny's and anything that reminds us of them? Super cute my friend. Super cute!
    BTW-I can crochet very basic stitches (like to make a hot pad) but that's about it. I would love to branch out and try something a wee bit more difficult. Perhaps we can learn together-LOL?
    Have a beautiful day!

  2. Do panties count? If so, I'm in.
    Comfort, you know.
    ha ha
    Anywho . . .
    Love the granny chic layout. Like ckg your blog to keep me up on the latest!

  3. granny panties DEFINITELY count ;)

  4. Something that I know how to do and you don't....finally! TaDa! Me and Suz can gang up on you and teach you how to crochet when you have a free day??? I want to see your tights that you have on in the picture. You are such a little treasure from our past and so cute too. You are loving all the things that this ol' granny wanna be used to love as a child.


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