Monday, June 1, 2009

Do you remember...

...childhood summer days like this? I can almost feel the plastic bumpy bottom of the pool, the grass stuck in my toes and the sticky popsicle chin. Do you remember those days?

This is my cousin Natosha and I...sometime in the early 80's. Just a typical summer day that childhood is made of. I love that someone, probably my Mema because it looks like we are in her yard, has put down a blanket for us to step on..I'm sure to reduce that pesky "more grass in the pool than water" phenomenon.  :)

I just love the size of these old photos.

I even love the quality--no taking 150 photos in one day--just take a few and get what you get.

 I don't care that they are out of focus. I need to remember that when I'm taking photos of the boys and our lives...of course I want great photos, but the fact that I am taking them at all and trying to capture a memory is what is important. That is what I will remember 10, 20 years from now.

I found a vintage 1950's dictionary for a quarter this past fall and I have torn that things apart scrapping with it! Love to tear out a specific definition to highlight the feeling I am trying to get across on a scrap page. Here it was the word "girl" and "girlhood". There happened to be a picture of a I just covered it up with a chipboard embellishment! Some more little touches and Cosmo Cricket love later and the memory is down on paper.

So here's to making summer memories! And for taking photos, whether perfect or not!


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  1. This is precious!!! I love seeing you as a little girl so happy. Sweet layout!


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