Thursday, June 4, 2009

Brave & Hero

Aven is a big fan of soldiers. BIG. And really, shouldn't we all be? They are sacrificing and risking SO MUCH for us. 
So when Sheri from the Scrap Nook sent an email asking people to bring boxes filled for our soldiers we were SO in! This little guy is always excited for any opportunity to "craftbook" so that's what we did. Each box was suppose to have a handmade card..I let Aven do the honors.
Here he is proudly displaying his art work. And it's good practice writing! He wrote the words "brave" and "hero". He is all about being brave and superheros lately, and soldiers rank right up there.
 When he asked what we would be sending I said, "happy mail". 
His 3 year old self heard "happy meal". I had to squash those rumors that we were going for fries :) 
At the Scrap Nook we packed our boxes with goodies...and apparently got a bit zealous shopping because we filled 3 not 2. But I don't think anyone will mind.
Getting ready to put in his cards. Luckily Sheri had an extra card to include in the extra box. I asked him what was his favorite thing we put in and he said, "the hot candy!" Hot Tamales that is :) And yes that is a July 4th tiara. 
Mission accomplished!
And yes, little P was there too. Smiling and happy-go-lucky as usual...but...
he didn't last long :) He has molars coming in and an ear infection but is SUCH a trooper!
whoops! How did those make it home? Aven has never met a "sprinkle" he could resist! I am thinking some star cookies are in order after all that craftbooking :)

I'll be back sometime tomorrow with another layout. Think "Mother's Day". I know, you're on the edge of your seat, right? ;)


  1. You are such a saint!!! Oh and Aven's letter writing is amazing!! What a great mommy you are!

    Let's get together and share those cookies. Ian loves sprinkles too, you know!

  2. what a PUNKIN!!! thanks so much for this. xo


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