Friday, June 5, 2009

Pretend it's Mother's Day...

..because it would have been cool to post this layout on that day! 

This is my mom's senior picture. She is probably embarrassed of it, but I think she looks beautiful. 

The journaling reads....
"This was the year my mom graduated from high school. The year that changed her life forever. The year that, at 18, she discovered she was pregnant. The year she became a single mom of a baby girl. There would be tough days ahead and plenty of uncertain times. But I am forever grateful for my mom...who put her life on hold to give me mine."

Just wanted to share. 

Have a wonderful weekend--

(love you mom)

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  1. can't get over how much your mom looks like you! and how much you look like paxton in that LO of you and natosha! beautiful journaling. bet you made your mama cry.


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