Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lily Bee Love Part 2

ok. Let's try this again, shall we? (If you click on the pics I THINK they will pop up bigger.)

LOVE Lily Bee :)

This is the mini album I created for Lily Bee's contest "Just Be Me". The only requirement was to use that theme along with their papers, which was a breeze because they are super cute! The great thing about using double sided papers on a small project is it only takes a few sheets and you get double the designs. The paper I used on the front was my FAVORITE! Loved using the vintage typewriter on it.

This paper was a die cut frame (love those!) that I distressed the edges, inked a bit and then stitched around. I LOVE to sew on paper! My sewing machine has seen more paper action than fabric :) I used some more patterned paper for the flower and an edge punch for under the word "me". The flower is punched from a local flea market find--a $1, VERY old McGuffy's Reader,in poor condition, but PERFECT for scrapping with! I love using vintage finds...especially old books & paper. The mini's cover itself was painted and then sprayed with some ink...just ask my cuticles :)

Some more pretty patterned paper punched with a border punch and painted on. Love that orange (my favorite color!) and yellow paper.

Used another die cut frame and stitched like a mad woman on this one! Seriously, I was a bit dizzy from going around in circles, but love how it turned out. And this paper was perfect for my daisy picture---used the packaging that some Jenni Bowlin buttons came on to frame it. I painted the chipboard and then distressed all over with ink, decided it wasn't finished and broke out the cropodile to punch holes where there wasn't any before.

Who doesn't love a page with a Starbucks picture on it? ;) I painted the back, inked it, and cut out a faint image from some Lily Bee paper and the traced around it with a pen. The design was very cool and a bit "Starbuck-ish" if you ask me:) Used some of that vintage paper for a little ruffle on the side.

And now a look at my attempt of a granny square. Yikes! It's more like a wonky rectangle, but I like texture in mini albums and on my scrap pages...and since trying to learn to crochet is a part of me being me right now...I thought....why not just throw it in?! I typed and sewed the paper down.

Ahh...polaroid. Is it weird to take a picture of a camera? I have bit of a collection growing, but I should save that for another post :) The background of this picture is actually Lily Bee paper! I tried to make the picture look like an actual polaroid using cardstock. A bit of punched Lily Bee is sneaking in from behind.

And this...I love this random moment Rory caught of me and the boys this past weekend. They are my life. The reason I am a momma. I am so grateful to God for trusting me with these sweet souls! I cut a bit off a die cut frame and punched some hearts (3 hearts: 2 boys, 1 momma) then sewed down the middle.

And the back cover--painted with a Lily Bee paper heart and covered chip girl added! And like the tag says...I really am a Lucky Girl.

If you made it this far--WOW--you deserve an award. And although I don't have one to give you I DO have a treat...go here

This is the blog of my amazingly talented, sweet friend Rebekah. She is a fabric/paper/computer extraordinaire and her blog is full of goodness. You will not be disappointed. She is schooling me on all things blog/Mac related. A very talented friend indeed. :) --Thanks Rebekah!

And thank YOU for looking-


  1. Thanks for the mention, sweet friend. I'll say it again . . . this mini is incredible, INCREDIBLE!!!! I'm surrounded by creative geniuses.

  2. love this. thank you so very much for entering our contest!! xo

  3. Gorgeous!!! Thank you for entering!


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