Wednesday, October 1, 2014

new studio calico classes

'Tis the time of year I start wanting to craft ALL THE THINGS. I don't know what it is--the change in weather, being inside all cozy, the upcoming holidays--but whatever reason, my itch to create goes in to overdrive. This comes at a great time because Studio Calico just announced two *awesome* new classes! with Ashley Goldberg looks like about the most fun class ever. She is the master of patterns that aren't too pattern-y. Her designs are the perfect blend of creative mess and can be found on a variety of products (hello, urban outfitters.). I'm jumping at the chance to learn some tips and design tricks from her, get messy, and create some unique, funky paper stuff.
If you sign up THIS week (get on it) you will receive 3 free gifts, including a rad stamp set which go right along with the creative mess you're about to throw down in class. You can read all about it here.
send joy. So I don't want to get you all stressed, but christmas is 84 days away. Deep breath. You know what would help? Getting a jump start on some Christmas JOY. Lisa Spangler is a card making extraordinaire and has a class to get you feeling the holiday spirit and ahead of the game with holiday card making. The class comes with an exclusive stamp (ships free) and there is a great bundling offer for some awesome new holiday stamp sets in the shop. Check that all out here.
Both classes start on Nov.1 and sometimes the freebies that come with them run out. Don't get left without a freebie. That would be so sad. And with a class that has "joy" in the title it just wouldn't be right ;)

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