Monday, September 29, 2014

studio calico October reveal

The Underground, Studio Calico's October kit, reveal was saturday.  I was out of town and just now catching up. In case you missed it, you can see all the creative team projects here!
Here are my projects for the month. These first two are main kit only.
This has a photo that is just precious to me. It was about this time last fall at my in laws house. We had no idea we only had a few more moths with my sweet mother in law. Every time I look at it I think.. if I had known then what I know now...what would I do different about that weekend? What would I say? I've wanted to scrap to for awhile, but just kept holding on to it. There is so much to what this photo is that I just couldn't get it down in journaling. Maybe someday.
This main only layout was capturing that first PSL of the season and just getting funky with that cool paper. That is my biggest tip when you have a patterned paper with a big design...shrink it. I usually do this by cutting it up and in this case, punch it. A lot. Makes for fun layers when pieced back together haphazardly.
These next two are mixes of all the kits. This layout was yet another pic of my sleepy boy. I feel kinda creepster with the amount of sleeping Paxton pics I have. I started by sewing a million "z"'s. It added some interest and texture to an otherwise plain background. I liked playing with the space on the photo with the title and journaling words snippets. Those wood veneer triangles were super cool and kinda tell you right where to look.
We had recently, like just a few weekends ago, wen tot the Laura Ingall's house for their annual celebration. The boys and I had so much fun and I wanted to document it right away. (So unlike me!) I decide the best way to scrap these photos was to make a paper quilt background. I can't sew fabric, much less an actual quilt, to save my soul. But a paper quilt? That I can do. I choose patterned papers that went along with the photos and cut & sewed the day away. It's super easy to replicate. I'll have a tutorial next week :)
Don't forget to check out the new goods added to the SC shop this month, like these super cool stamp sets, perfect for this time of year!

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  1. Love these, can't wait for the tutorial on the last one, it's amazing!


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