Friday, September 26, 2014

96 hanger challenge

Last January I started a "96 hanger challenge". Which I totally just made up. It came about because I wanted to simplify my closet and I wanted wooden hangers. I ordered several sets of these hangers from Ikea and decided 96 was a good number so I just went with it. I'll keep 96 things. I edited my closet like a madwoman and only used about half the hangers. That didn't include pants because I guess I was too lazy to hang up pants. The whole purge came to a stand still, as did life in general, when my mother in law got ill. Needless to say, it is several months later and I still have two massive boxes of clothes to donate/sell. I trip over them every time I go in my closet. Time to change that.

I guess with the changing of the season, it has me thinking it is about time to switch it up in the wardrobe department. Ripped shorts for ripped jeans. Black short sleeved t-shirts for long black sleeved t-shirts. You know, really branch out. I'm coming back to that place of simplifying and I like it. I have recently heard about a capsule wardrobe. Do you know about this? Like, you choose a few items, 35-40 seems to be the magic number, and that is your wardrobe, but it is seasonal. So every three months you switch it up--keep what you like/can easily transition to the next season, but edit in other seasonal pieces, keeping that magical number of items. I really like this idea. I know I am more creative with scrapbooking when I have limited supplies so surely that would hold true in the wardrobe department. And how nice would it be to have pieces that mesh well so you could easily swap pieces around and find an outfit to wear without hangers flying? (Or maybe that is just me?) Anyway, I'm thinking I might be up for the challenge. I mean, I homeschool so p.j.'s/sweats would have to count in my rotation...that sounds sad or awesome. I'm not sure which yet.
One thing that WILL NOT be in rotation...culottes. How are these even making a comeback? Search this on Pinterest. I kid you not, these are becoming popular. I can't even. I stretched it with Birks, but culottes?

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