Tuesday, June 3, 2014

South of Market

I've been away from the scrapbooking scene for a few months and man, you miss out when you do that! A brand new Studio Calico line, South of Market, just hit the shop and seriously. It's making me wanna grab a straw hat, put on my overalls and play in the dirt. Really, pretty patterned paper dirt.
Have a black thumb? No problem. You can totally scrap with this even if you tend to kill plants (raises hand.) I'm thinking of using a photo from a recent farmers market trip, in which I bought a cactus that is--surprise, surprise--still alive!

I also have a few photos tucked back of my wanna be farmer boys--so this line looks perfect for that. And maybe you keep a gardening journal or something along those lines? I mean, I can barely keep a cactus alive, but for those of you that can grow all the things--- this line paired with a handbook would make the perfect "how does my garden grow" mini.
A few of my favorites from South of Market...
these two are a no brainer--labels are classic and that transparency is perfect for any kind of layout:

can we stop a moment and take a deep sigh over the clear stars? I'll be using these on my next 97234697852 layouts thankyouverymuch.
for the hipster farmer in you, cork stickers and stamp
and let's just go ahead and make a quilt out of this all this pretty paper
You can find even more South of Market here and for a limited time, all South of Market orders over $35 ship FREE. So add a few more things to your cart, go plant a garden, then come in and scrapbook about it :)
AND if you've ever wanted to start a Studio Calico subscription, now is a great time. You can get $10 off any subscription using the code HELLO at checkout. Hello?! That's a sweet deal. Check it here.

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