Monday, June 2, 2014

an absence

it has been awhile.
and sometimes with an absence that long there seems to need to be an explanation. a story to tell of why.
and especially so when it is because of a deep loss.
but it has been a long 4 months and I am just not ready to go there, especially when trying to move forward.
so for now I am just going to jump back in to what this blog is...mainly, scrapbooking. crafting. life.
and at some point I will share the story of a woman who loved, was loved, is now gone, but not lost.
and come october you can be assured my soapbox will be stood upon to plead with you to get a flu shot.


  1. First of all Hugs and glad to see you are here again. Got worried when didn't see you here or on 2peas so I checked your facebook page. Just wanted you to know you have been in my prayers. No need to explain anything..
    Happy Wife

  2. Welcome back Lexi. I have been checking your blog weekly for the last few months hoping to see you back. I'm so sorry for your loss. I will definitely be getting my flu shot this year, and I'll encourage everyone I know to get one too.


  3. Dear Lexi, no justification needed. Loss is so hard for both adults and kids. In the last two months, I lost my father, I lost a friendship and my close friend lost a baby. So I've been swimming real hard to keep my head out of the water. Crafting, keeping my hands busy, documenting little everyday moments (including these losses) have helped me immensely. But it isn't the same for everyone. It,s so important to do what it takes to heal properly. Virtual hugs to you and yours.


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