Friday, January 10, 2014

come (virtual) crop with me

It's friday (yay) and it's also the weekend of CHA. That means it's time to get our crop on.  Get your supplies ready. Grab your favorite snack. Power up the computer and head over to Studio Calico. There will be cool challenges, fun q & a's and of course, prizes. I'll be up with a 10am challenge on saturday that has to do with this something going on in a layout like this:
And no, it's not a challenge to use a photo with your child wearing actual duck feet taped to their head. Sorry to disappoint ;)
But feel free to use a duck feet photo if you have one. Bonus points for that.
While you are there, check out the amazing class life | scripted with artist Kal Barteski that will be taking place the month of February. Pretty excited about this one.

Happy Friday. Whoop! See you at SC.

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