Saturday, December 28, 2013

make a mini dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers seem to be gaining in popularity. I'm a huge fan. I recently took a photo of the first snow of the season and the photo happened to have a dreamcatcher hanging in the corner of it. When I went to scrap the photo with Studio Calico's January kit, Copper Mountain, I wanted some way to incorporate a dreamcatcher. I also wanted a unique way to use the exclusive wood veneer piece in the kit. So, why not make a mini version as an embellishment?
I took the wood veneer bubble and did something crazy--I cut it apart. It may splinter a bit, but that is okay. Imperfections will be covered up. Don't have a wood veneer circle piece? Try using a circle you've cut out from heavy cardstock or even cardboard. It doesn't have to be a perfect circle. The best dreamcatchers aren't perfect ;)
Using embroidery thread and a large eyed needle, I wound a bit of the thread on the circle. I realized at this point it would be best to add in the center threads before going further. I took metallic gold embroidery thread and zig zagged around the circle. You just have to try wrapping it to get a feel for where you want it. A bit of quick dry glue helps hold it in place.
To ensure my gold threads would stay where I wanted them to while I was wrapping the black threads, I used a mini binder clip. It also made for a great little handle. Once you get to the end of wrapping your black thread, leave it. Don't cut it off.
To make the smaller circle, I just repeated the exact same process.  Start wrapping your gold threads, secure it with glue and take the length of thread you left from the bigger circle to start wrapping your smaller circle, leaving some space in the middle so it will hang freely.
Instead of beads, I used a few of the stamps in the kit and embossed some mini triangles with gold embossing powder. It created the perfect little accents to dangle from a few threads I wrapped around the edges.
Yay--a mini dreamcatcher! Perfect for Barbie's dream house or a scrapbook layout.
To attach the dreamcatcher to the layout, I added a few glue dots. Hard to imagine this unique, handmade embellishment, came from a wood veneer circle, but it did and is perfect for this layout. Curious as to what I did with the other piece of the bubble veneer? Check out this post here. If you have any questions, ask away!


  1. I love how this came out! Those feathers really rock too. :)

  2. Oh so cute!! I love how you hang another tinier dreamcatcher right below it :)

  3. I love the photo that you took, and the dreamcatcher is beautiful! My daughter has been wanting to make a dreamcatcher for a few years, but I never knew how. Your tutorial is very helpful, I'll be sure to show it to her. I think she wants different colors and a few feathers as well, do you know of any place I can get those supplies?


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