Wednesday, August 7, 2013

basic grey, tipi latin & a sale

I have the great privilege of being on the design team for Basic Grey this next year. Super excited. There's a little q&a on the Basic Grey blog if you wanna know that I once had a cat named Jack that turned out to be a girl. We renamed her Jaqueline. She forever held it against me. You can learn interesting stuff like that. And there is a code for a discount on some of the new team members fave BG products.
It's a rainy day, again. I am full on school-starts-next-week panic mode.  Gotta get this room schoolroom ready. Today we did a mini Latin lesson in prep for a full on learning Latin year. We did it in our tipi while eating mini blueberry donuts because, as I said on instagram, nothing says "Let's learn Latin!" like sugar and Native American dwellings. The boys are pumped for school to begin. I am too, but I love the lax schedule of summer. My baby is also starting kindergarten so there's that. I will be a hot mess one week from today. I'm sure I'll have a pity party in my vehicle after drop off and then go drown my sorrows in coffee and a thrift store run.
If you are thinking of adding to your scrap stash Two Peas has a great storewide 20% off sale & free shipping over $50 going on until 8/11. Perfect time to stock up basics or some of the brand new releases that are arriving from CHA. They even have newly released exclusive stamp sets. Check it here.


  1. Laughing about Jack!

    We once had a cat who adopted us (past owners left the cat in the house) that we named Zoe and found out later that "she" is a "he." It was too late for a name change:)

    Congrats on BG! Off to check it out.

  2. Congrats on the Design Team, we still have a few more weeks until school starts whew :)

  3. Congrats are your design team for Basic Grey. They always have some of the most creative projects.

  4. congrats!! love your bio there! I am happy to be on this team with talented ladies like you!

  5. So awesome, I hope that mini you were starting in your last post maybe makes an appearance soon? :)


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