Tuesday, April 16, 2013

winner & a video

I can hardly believe it is April. Like, mid-April. I already have the countdown on for how many more days of school are left. Yes, I started the countdown. Not my kiddos. Maybe it's because we homeschool part time so mama is ready for a break. Maybe it's because I wanted to play with stamps and washi tape. In any case, I made the simplest countdown to summer chart that I'll have on the blog tomorrow.

How's project life going for you all? I am behind. I knew I would be. I'm a pretty laid back person anyway so I anticipated being behind. I'm not stressed about it in the least. I'll probably go back and do those weeks and maybe I won't. Either way, I've got some weeks of everyday life around here documented so in my view, it's all good.
 I have another project life video up on Two Peas in a Bucket, where you can watch me put together a week's spread. It makes it more fun if you count how many times I say "umm" and laugh at myself ;) I added a challenge of including a mask, something I rarely bust out for a project life page. Mask using is made easier when you use ink instead of spray ink. You can see it all here.
The winner for Amy Tan's newest mini workshop at Two Peas is...Madeline. Yay! I'll pass along your info so you can get set up in class.


  1. Thanks for sharing your PL pages, so fun. Love that you add the artwork. I teach, so the countdown is on over here too....but I have til June 14th, so I'm sure my countdown has more days than yours does. Can't wait for summer break!

  2. Whew...mystery solved! I found myself registered for the class and didn't have a clue how that happened. hahaha. Thanks so much! I will certainly enjoy the inspiration. :)


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