Wednesday, April 17, 2013

simple summer countdown

We CAN NOT wait for summer around our house. I mentioned in my last post that I made a summer countdown chart. It's about as simple as you can get, but makes me all kinds of happy looking at it and watching those numbers disappear. I typed the words "we can't wait for" on top of a sewn arrow pointing to a pink (are you shocked?) sticker "summer". I tucked in a few summery looking pieces of paper and that was it for the title.
 Using the dates we are actually IN the school building (and not homeschooling, because for some reason the boys don't consider that real school. I haven't decided if that is a good thing or not.) I used some of my fave stamps to randomly add the numbers. I might be using these stamps too much. I can't help it. I knew from the moment I saw they were going to be released that they would be one of those sets you use all the time for pretty much everything and I plan to do just that.
Annnnnyway...The idea here is that after each day we add a strip of washi tape to cover up the date. I just let the boys pick whatever tape they want out of the basket. Maybe it'll look like colorful confetti strips once it's all filled up. And at the bottom of the page...yippee! Because no more dates mean summer break which means popsicles and water gun fights and flip flops and bike rides and lightening bugs and fishing poles and canon balls and campfires and sleeping in and...can you tell I am excited? :)
That pink overall wearing gnome is pretty pumped about summertime, too. He's looking out for it.
Anyone else have a countdown going on, or is it just me? 


  1. Love this idea, I am so ready for summer and the kids are too. We all ready started making popsicles and eating freezes hoping it will bring the warm weather quicker :)

  2. Fun idea! I counted today....38 days of teaching left for me! Can't wait for summer!!

  3. Oh how fun that is! And so pretty. Yes, we are also excited about summer, though I'm not rushing spring by any means. Maybe I'll have to steal this idea...

  4. We move in 15 days, I am counting that down....
    and we'll start summer early...
    love all of this!


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