Tuesday, March 26, 2013

in 5 days

Next week at this time class will be underway and you'll be getting started on your "this is me" mini. You ready?
One question that keeps coming up: "How many pages I should plan for in my album?" Great question. Simple answer: That is totally up to you. You can see I have several spreads in the photo above. You may want to document more on a certain subject so maybe that might be a spread or two or maybe just one page will work. You might have other topics you want to record other than what I and the contributors have thought of. You might not use just page protectors and throw something a bit more random in there as an insert (hint.hint.) This really is for YOU. There will be a variety of ideas on subjects to include and you can always add to it or take out what you don't want. It's all good.
If you are already feeling stressed that you'll be behind and don't have a plan yet for your album--it's okay. Promise me this will be a fun thing for you. NO pressure allowed! I have a "getting starting" document included in the class to help you gather thoughts, ideas, products, etc. before you even start cutting paper. And remember...you don't have to do all this in one month. You have access to the class forever. Work at your own pace and as your schedule allows. This is going to be a fun process. We aren't gonna stress over paper and glue :)
As I wrote the content for each spread I tried to approach it with an explanation of what I did, how/why I scrapped it that way, explained my thoughts behind documenting that photo and posed some questions to get you thinking about approaching that, or a similar, subject. I tried to write in a less of a teacher-y way and more of like having a friend over and chatting. I am so excited for those of you who are joining me!

If you have no idea what I am talking about you can check out the info here. Class registration ends on sunday night (5 days!). After that, those signed up get access to everything April 1. So. Pumped.

I'll post the winner of my "this is me" giveaway on friday :)


  1. love you and your approach to this Lexi! :)

  2. Love this!!!! I can't wait until April!!! ^_^

  3. I'm so ready for this!! Excited to get started!

  4. Hi Lexi, I registered for the class on 2 March and still haven't received the kit in the post. I am in Australia so it still may be on its way but I was just wondering how I can follow this up. Thank you x

    1. Hey Tully-- I would get on the Studio Calico site and email them. All the kits shipped from their warehouse so I have no idea when it went out or how to track it. They will help you out :) Thanks!

  5. Will do, thank you. Tully :)

  6. Thanks Lexi, will do. Tully :)

  7. I'm getting really excited, especially seeing your preview!!!Love your project,& i love you!!!:)
    I'm starting the countdown!

  8. So bummed I missed out on this class. Your little sneaks look great!!


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