Wednesday, March 20, 2013

almost there

This week I am finishing putting together my This is Me giveaway. New Domino magazine? It's going in. There are less than 2 weeks to sign up for my class at Studio Calico! If you need more info check out this post.
I really just wanna curl up there on that rug with that mag and coffee and chill. I haven't had a lot of chill days lately. I'm ready for some sunshine and downtime. Is it summer yet? No? Are you sure? 


  1. my favorite mag as well -- just picked it up last week. :) I just read your post on studio calico -- LOVE your creative space! Where did you get your jars that store the veneers? So clever....Thanks for sharing your space! xx

    1. Abby,

      I think she said they were from Hobby Lobby?
      Great new space, love the colors and all the organizing goodies!


  2. still waiting for my kit from SC.. can't wait for class!!!

  3. I'm going on the hunt this weekend for that magazine. I used to sub to it years ago and then it got cancelled and they started sending me Oprah's magazine. I was so sad.

  4. Got my kit today! WOOHOO!! so excited to start... gonna start gathering supplies this week. Any suggestions on what to pick? just stuff I like? LOL!!


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