Saturday, December 8, 2012

change of plans

This week has been a little bit of a bummer. My scrap room was suppose to be well underway by now being remodeled, but the builder got held up at another job and is about 3-4 weeks behind. So that stinks. 

We also found out our oldest son has to have surgery soon. It shouldn't be anything too serious, but if you could keep him in your thoughts and prayers we would appreciate it. It'll make our Christmas break from school a bit different than we imagined. Isn't that always the way it goes? You have an idea in your head of how something should be and then it changes. Gotta roll with it. 

So how's it going with the December mini making progress? I was hoping to have a new space to show you where all my Christmas papers and embellishments were placed nice & neat in cute little containers...instead you get this:
Keepin' it real, people. My scrap room is a huge mess that is halfway in the process of getting moved (it's truthfully always a mess, just messier than usual). 
I joked on instagram, after completing my first spread on Dec.1, that this was the only day I would be caught up. ;) This little printer has been helping me try and keep on track though. Santa gifted it to me early. I totally think being able to print wirelessly from my iphone and have a pic within a minute will be the only way I complete this album. It has even made me consider diving into Project Life..FOR REAL this time. Any of you PLers depending on a printer like this? Anyone trying PL for the first time in 2013? 

Better get back to the December mini making. I'm planning to print some of these beauties to add to a few pages. Love the colors and graphics. Only 17 more sleeps until Christmas. Can you believe it? 


  1. are you sure you didn't take a picture of my space - LOL! I think as crafters we all know the feeling. And how funny - I ordered the exact same printer this week!

  2. My desk looks like that! I posted on IG yesterday! LOL

  3. Bummed the scrap room build has been delayed and the news about Lil Man's surgery but happy that you are enjoying your new printer! :) You know I love mine for keeping up with PL. I can't wait for you to start! (Been waiting patiently for you to begin). ;) Hang in there girl!

  4. My craft area always looks messy too. I have been hearing good things all over PL land about the Selphy. I bought PL for 2012 and only got 2 pages done...I got distracted with doing projects/crafts! Plan on going for it in 2013 because I still love the concept and think it will be the quickest way to catch up. Won't give up traditional scrapping becauase after 3 years I just now feel like I am finding my groove and products I truely love!


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