Friday, August 17, 2012

week in review

It seems like the week of back to school is always jam packed, no matter how prepared you are.
So far we have..
...enjoyed momma's 25 cent chair. At least someone does.
...gathered school books. This is just part of them. I had to order two at the last minute that we couldn't find. Typical.
...took devil cat to the vet. Don't let the cute face fool you.
...perfected end of summer cannon balls. This one scored 8.7.
...had a new friend follow us home. On our back. Without us knowing it. Little boys dreams are made of little creatures following them home.
...welcomed the first day of first grade in classic vintage globe/chalkboard style.
...checked out the pre-k room. He's not too sure about it, but was smiling under that name tag.
...decided we would be an..indian :)
...decided we would be an army guy. Gotta love a mini soldier who dresses himself and leaves breakfast on his face ;)
...made a midnight run, grocery style. Wee hour of the morning food shopping is where it's at, people. Bonus? Haagen Dazs ice cream mysteriously ends up in your cart after midnight. Weird.
..perfected our skills. Contained in this blur is one rad ninja move.
..scrapped a little sneaky something, but here's a peek of a card for the October Afternoon blog next week.
It's been busy. And good. Life is very good. Hope you are enjoying your week! And it's Friday--Yay!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. :) I think the "army guy" photo is my favorite. :) Love the seriousness!

  2. What a great week! Cute photos and wishing you a wonderful school year.

  3. Looks like a totally busy week. Good luck with school transition.


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