Monday, August 13, 2012

the weekend

I'm missing these ladies.

Weekend before last I was able to meet up with Becky, Lisa and Jen. It was one of those weekends we had planned for months and then it got here and of course flew by! That must have meant we had fun, right?

There was pool relaxing
junk finding
 (best 25 cent chairs ever.)
(thanks, Jen, for the globes!)
late, late nights

good eating
double yum
and lots of creative talk.

As I started my 7 hour drive home Sunday (while listing to Harry Potter for the first time! Still not a huge fan. Don't hate me.) I was inspired...not only in scrapbooking, but inspired overall in life. Does that sound strange? I came away wanting to be more creative in everyday living and in my crafty endeavors as well. I also pretty much wanted to set a match to my scrap space and start over ;)  Becky's scrap room is so fun and I confess--I sat behind her desk for about 20 minutes.
It's exciting to talk creatively with creative people, to share ideas and chat with those that GET IT. It's amazing how you can meet up and instantly bond and talk until your eyes won't stay open any longer.  I love when women can come together and encourage one another and make each other feel valuable, because goodness knows we tear ourselves apart enough. We certainly don't need anyone else to do it for us. {stepping off soapbox}

Looking forward to when we can meet up again.

School starts this week. Sigh. How is it that summer is over? I'm mourning the loss of my carefree, no setting the alarm days, but looking forward to a few hours a week of solo time. One more trip to the store for school supplies and we should be set. I think.

And with that I am off to squeeze in one least park play date. Enjoy your Monday!


  1. Sounds like a great time! Love girl weekends, and if you throw in some crafty time, its perfect!
    And I LOVED school supply shopping when I was little. There was always a need for one more trip--my poor mother:)

  2. I miss my girl weekends, we've all gone in separate directions now. Treasure these times (I had just pulled some pics fo a layout talking about how we are now leading different lives).

  3. Sounds like an amazing time!
    And I agree with you.
    Love when we can support and build each other up :)

  4. YES. i love this. building each other up and encouraging one another--- perfect!

  5. What a fun time, sparking creativity, and that room...yeah, I will not be taking photos of my room. Glad you had fun!

  6. I used to have a group of friends and we'd get together one Saturday out of the month. Now we're lucky if we get together once a year. We're all so busy. I miss having people who 'get' my hobby and my obsession for shopping for supplies.

    That room looks fantastic!

  7. Sounds so awesome. :) Next time you should come up to Chicago... ;) ;)

  8. Such a fun, exciting trip for you all!! And I agree-love meeting women who are uplifting instead of cutting us down.

  9. Yay to fun and creative inspiration with lovely and talented ladies! So happy you got to getaway. Looking forward to SATC in November!

    Happy back to school week girlie! :)


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