Sunday, June 5, 2011

Are you ready for tomorrow?

Because tomorrow kicks off Wedding Week at Crate Paper!

The entire week the design team will be bringing you lots of wedding themed ideas from before the wedding begins (think invites, showers) all the way to the big day as well as after (reception, thank-you notes). I have a vague idea of the projects the ladies are working on and seriously, I think they will knock your socks off! My own project might just be my favorite to date and something I wish I would have thought of for my own wedding almost 12 years ago!

Be sure to visit the Crate Paper blog beginning tomorrow and every day next week for some inspiring, beautiful projects. And you know the folks at crate--they are a generous bunch and LOVE giveaways so there are certainly several reasons to swing by!

Hope you have enjoyed your weekend as much as we have! Sun, pool, homemade ice cream, more pool ;) I will be back tomorrow (gasp! 2 days in a row?!) and because I am at 50 followers (really? thanks!) and might just have to do a giveaway of my own ;)
Happy Sunday!


  1. Can't wait for the Crate! :) Wondering what flav you decided on for the homemade ice cream? Hmmm...

  2. Lexi, LOVE your suitcase on the Crate Paper blog! So neat!


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