Friday, May 27, 2011

Ribbon Ruffle Camera Strap Cover

Now that summer is fast approaching I know my camera will be out in full force snapping photos. My original camera strap was looking like it needed an update. Now I have noticed several different camera strap covers that look super cute online, but discovered that with minimal time, some fabric, and of course, some pretty May Arts ribbon you can custom make one yourself!

I choose to make this cover a slip on version, instead of actually sewing it to the strap. This way I can make several and change them out whenever I wish! First off, find the material you want that suits your fancy. I am mad, MAD I tell you!, about chevron so this yellow and white print was the obvious choice. Now if you have read my tutorials before you will know that I am not big on measuring. Ha! So just lay down your strap and use it as a guide to determine the length and width of material you will need...and of course make certain your material is doubled.

I have always heard when using ribbon or material that will be ruffled you will need at least double the length of your project. I actually did 1.5 times the length of my strap, just incase I got too crazy with my ruffling ;) I used the prettiest robin egg blue faux linen, one of my favorites!

You will need to sew across the top of your ribbon to attach to your material and here I will point out my mistake. (You mean the girl that can't really sew and doesn't measure anything made a MISTAKE? Umm, yes. Always.) I should have made a hem here at the end of what will turn out to be the ends of the camera strap, but I didn't. And now my ends are loose threads. Boo. Make sure yours aren't!

To make the ruffles I start sewing, lift of the foot and push some material in, close the foot and sew a bit more..and then repeat the process several times. NO rocket science. NO measuring. Just push and sew. I think there is actually a certain foot that will “ruffle” (not the proper term I am sure) for you, but alas this sewing novice does not have one.

Sew how it is gathering? Pretty little ribbon ruffles!

Once you are all done, a row of ruffled ribbon goodness. I really like that color combo. So bright and happy!

So now fold over your material so the right sides are facing together (and wrong sides are facing you) and sew the length of the strap, making sure to not sew down any ruffles..not that I know from experience or anything ;)

Here's what it will look like when it is all done:

Not too awesome yet, huh? But wait! Now is the fun part, or as I like to say, the most time consuming part. You gotta turn that dude inside out, which is not an easy task. Seriously, the majority of my time was spent doing this. I pushed a little dowel rod in it, and maybe I ended up breaking said dowel rod, but eventually it worked.

Now you can slip your camera strap inside....

..sit back and enjoy your new pretty ribbon ruffled camera strap.

And when anyone asks where you purchased it you can smile the smile of satisfaction that comes when you have made something yourself...and remembered to hem it ;)
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial! Please let me know if you have any questions and certainly link me up if you decide to make one. I am thinking of color combos and maybe making a few just to change out when I want.  
Have a beautiful day!


  1. Lexi - that is so pretty!
    I am not a sewer by any means, but you made that look super simple :)

  2. this is adorable lexi! see? it's a big trend right now. fun tutorial :)

  3. I so need a sewing machine. Actually it would be dangerous I'd be adding ruffles to EVERYTHING. I love the tutorial :)

  4. so super cute! LOVE this! xx :)

  5. I really LOVE this! I'll be making one soon with your help. When I get around to it I'll link you up to a pic. Thanks so much! I guess I never realized how easy it was. Came from SC! ~Laci

  6. Lexi, I just love your awesome and easy to accomplish tutorials! Can I please come over and craft with you ;)

  7. Looks so great! Beautiful summer colors

  8. LOVE the color combo!! =) THANKS for the tutorial!! Have a FABULOUS DAY!! =)
    Larissa Heskett

  9. Hey Lexi, I thought this turned out great! Might have to try this when I get me a fancy cam. xoxoxox


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