Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May the Forth Be with You

ok. I just had to do it ;)
When I told Aven that today was "Star Wars day" he got all excited. Wednesdays are typically our busiest day of the week, but tonight we are planning to celebrate with finally making cookies with these
The boys got them for Christmas...I suppose it's time we open them. Might even have to play some John Williams to build up the excitement of watching them bake ;)
Secretly I celebrated the day by ordering the boy some surprises down the road... new sheets

 and a Kindergarten backpack. (KINDERGARTEN?! Eek!)

Are you celebrating Star Wars day?

*Notice the new blog look? Thanks to my pal Marcy we have it looking SO much better. Check out her blog and prepare to be inspired. She is amazing! Thanks again friend :)
Happy Wednesday! And yes...giveaway coming up ;)


  1. The new blog looks great! :) Henry got a little Star Wars onesie...totally adorable!!

  2. Love the new look! Maybe I need to hire Marcy too - she is so talented. My boys aren't really into Star Wars so it was business as usual here today. Those cookie cutters are awesome!

  3. love the new look lexi :) doesn't it feel so good to have a fresh design? my dh thought it hilarious that today was star wars day. :) can't wait to hear how your cookie cutters turn out...every time we pass that set in williams-sonoma, my son begs for them...but i'm curious if you can tell what they actually are once cooked...let me know!

  4. Loving the blog update - and the cookie cutters!!

  5. I knew it was Star Wars day, but how did I not realise how May the Fourth worked into it?? LOL Great post! :)

  6. Nice update Lex! Nice of Marcy to help you out with the redesign too!
    :) Happy Mother's day sweet friend!
    love ya,

  7. Ha, so cute! Love the new blog look:)

  8. one of our fave holidays! ;o) and hey - don't stress using those cookies cutters to make complicated cookies ... use them to cut out sandwiches!! fun sandwich shape, and the imprints create the picture in the bread. way cooler for lunch than just a flat pb&j!!

  9. Came over for the OA blog hop, but I saw the Star Wars stuff and had to comment! :) so cute! My son is a Star Wars fan as well. Hope you enjoyed the cookies!

  10. WE just bought those cookie cutters. They are so darn fun. My son loved this post and looking at the Star wars stuff :)


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