Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Guesting at American Crafts!

One of the reason's I have been happily creating away is because I was asked to guest on the American Crafts blog! yea :)

3 layouts, 2 cards, a weather chart and a camping mini can all be seen on their blog today. This week's focus was on the Remarks stickers..pretty sure there is a massive prize involved ;) (Check on the post previous to mine on their blog for that!) Such a trend forward, generous company. Thanks for having me!
Be sure to check it all out HERE.

In other news Aven had his Kindergarten screening today. Big sigh...where does the time go?! He is so ready. Beyond ready. I better catch up ;)
Enjoy your wednesday! Ours is soggy here, but there is hope for the sun to shine tomorrow!
And I am thinking I haven't done a giveaway in awhile. Is it time? ;)


  1. congrats, off to check them out!! :)

  2. Did he get his shots yet? Karissa had a fit when they gave her 5 or 6 all in one visit!! ;)

  3. congrats to you! your projects are gorgeous!

    and it's a soggy day here too :)

  4. Love your AC creations Lex!
    Giveaway time! Ooh-la-la!!!!! Can Big Green be thrown in the mix? Can't hurt a girl for askin! LOL

  5. Loved your projects over there Lexi! congrats!

  6. Great job Lexi - LOVE everything you created! Thanks so much for guesting for AC!

  7. Loved your stuff for ac!!! Congrats!


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