Friday, December 17, 2010

12 Days of Dec

Two days of blogging in a row? wow! Am I on a roll or what? ;)
On the Tombow blog today you will find the guts, so to speak, of my 12 days of Dec mini album.

There are pictures of each page as well as my explanation of what why I chose to do it in this way and what I plan to do with it. There is a variety of different elements to it so if you have a question as to a particular product or technique I used just leave me a comment on the Tombow blog or here and I will do my best to answer it!
*And as soon as the giveaway info is passed on to me I will post it here ;)

8 more days until Christmas! I think the craziness of this time of year has caught up to me...I was awaken last night at 2 a.m. by a certain 2 year old that was completely well as his bed because momma forgot to put a diaper on him before putting him to sleep! What?! I think he definitely deserves a flashlight, or two, for that one. *see previous post for the flashlight reference ;)


  1. Love the doily stamp on the cover - that is a stamp right?

  2. The cover is gorgeous!
    And you lucky girl to guest over at Tombow!! Love their adhesive!

  3. love your daily and super congrats on the GDT!! :)

  4. Poor lil Paxman and his momma! Hope u both get a better night's sleep tonight!!

  5. diaper. Oh boy...that is a sure sign that you are working hard this holiday season. Maybe I shouldn't laugh. Sorry. I am laughing in empathy. :o)

    Loved the second look at your book. It is gorgeous!

  6. I soooo love this!!!

    Awww.. poor little guy (and mama!)


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