Monday, August 9, 2010

what do you do with your ribbon?

Do you have a heaping stash of ribbon?
Yeah, me too.
You may remember a few weeks back I shared a skirt I made out of May Arts ribbon and a vintage pillowcase.
Here it is:

It was part of a challenge May Arts is hosting on their blog to choose some new blog contributers. It has since been featured on and Several people have been getting crafty with May Arts ribbon and now they are asking YOU to help choose the tutorials you like best! And the fun part? They will pick a name from the comments to win a free spool of ribbon. (And believe me, they have some mighty fine choices!)

So go check out the tutorials! They can be found here. You'll see mine is favorite number I might add ;) My friend Sam is #15 :) Leave a comment on the May arts blog and who might be the lucky winner!!


  1. Lexi I found your blog thru October Afternoon and it's adorable! All kinds of great inspiration!

  2. Lex, Thanks for the FYI on the May Arts giveaway! Can't wait to see your skirt in person! Hopefully Friday!

  3. This turned out darling, darling, DARLING!


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