Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My guy...

...had a birthday yesterday.
And I just felt the need to post a few pictures of him in his element.
With our boys.

Enjoying God's creation.

And you will notice these next 2 photos are not of our children.

In fact, I can't remember their name.
But I bet they remember his.
One of the stops during our week of camping was to a great place called Dry Run Creek.

They stock it full of trout and it is only for children under 16 and handicapped individuals. The fish there are beautiful and can be monstrous.
He helped our boys fish and after awhile a small little crowd gathered because they kept reeling them in.

And soon a boy came and asked some questions and Rory offered to help him fish, and fish with his fly rod, which was a new thing to this Mississippi boy on his way home from visiting family.
And then this little girl wandered over to have her turn.
And before it was said and done he helped another kiddo and offered to help a girl in a wheelchair.
And Rory loved every minute of it.
He's just that kind of precious.
Happy Birthday indeed.
And because who can resist...a poodle (I think) on a bike.

Yes, the dog just sits there and rides into the sunset.
Only in Arkansas.


  1. this post Lexi and all of the pictures that go with it!

  2. great post lexi, fun reading bout your beautiful family. I think that is a maltese, def not a poodle wrong muzzle, legs too you have to release the fish you catch? such a pretty place to spend the day.

  3. i think my post above sounds a bit too "miss know it all" (dogs) sorry. one thing is for sure, it's a BOY.


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