Friday, July 30, 2010

More Chicago

Lots of pics here.
It's late.
Or early depending on how you look at it ;)
7 Gypsies...

American Crafts...

looks like that fun japanese tape.

Love these flower brads.
Basic Grey...

I have more, but the connection isn't letting me load them and I'm tired ;D
Heading home in a few hours. Always nice to getaway with friends, but even better to see my boys. Can't wait!

And on a side note: Inception. GO.
Charlie St. Cloud. NO.


  1. Lex, have a safe trip home. I'll b thinking of you tonight. Saw a beautiful sunrise over the mountains here from our window where we are staying!! Taking lots of Instax! time to reload!!!! :-) Phantom tonight!! 5th row !!! Eek!!! I feel like the luckiest girl!!

  2. N and I saw Inception on his birthday. Isn't it GREAT?!


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