Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chicago Day 1

Today was more about scoping it all out, and "oohhing & aahhing". Not too many photos from the show, but I am armed and ready for tomorrow!
A quick run down...
For Samantha:
Your pages looked great in the Epiphany booth!

Had a few projects in the October Afternoon booth.

A few new (quick!) 8x8's with the new lines:

And remember this wreath? I redid it with the new Modern Homemaker line:

You know I love my Slice. Some new Slice cartridges and carrying cases, 6x6hands-free mat:

And get this..a new ELITE Slice machine! Cuts deeper, is quieter and more accurate.
After the show a quick bite to eat at Sweet Mandy B's:

Holly, Heidi and I.

You can't go wrong with a creamsicle and snickerdoodle cupcake.
Really you can't ;D
And a drive downtown to see the sites:

More show pictures tomorrow!!


  1. So excited we met!! Glad you had a fun night! :)

  2. Lex,
    So happy you are having fun! The layouts turned out great! Can't wait to see post of Day 2!!

  3. thanks lexi! wish i could be there with you girls!

  4. I love your and Heidi's dresses, where did you get them?


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