Monday, July 19, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that yesterday was National Ice Cream Day? Who were we not to celebrate?

Did you that American Crafts makes awesome adhesives? And did you know they have weekly challenges on their blog?

Well they do.
I am quite the fan of their dot glue runner and foam tabs & dots. I combined some of the Heat Wave collection and sparkling buttons to create this layout reminding me of my oldest, the jumping fish :) Oh how he loves the water! I used dimension to pop up the beach ball and some strips of the subtitle.

Did you know you all are super sweet to leave comments about the paper pinwheel tutorial? And did you know I have a new layout posted over here?

That concludes this edition of "did you know".


  1. Nothing like a cool pool to beat the blistering summer heat we've been having.The layout turned out gawh-geous! :)

  2. did you know that I think that is super cool you left a message on my blog about all our "coincendences"? and did you know your kids are stinkin adorable? and did you know that layout completely rocks? and did you also know I am wishing you the best of luck as well, it would be a dream for sure! lol. have a fabulous day!


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